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Electrical Safety Systems

Electrical safety problem

Power supply failure during surgery in a hospital due to an insulation fault endangering the patient’s life. Disconnection of a machine or interruption of the production process by unexpected tripping of a protective device.

Ungauranteed insulation faults in variable-speed drives. Insulation Faults during the use of mobile generators on construction sites or during rescue operations endangering the life and health of people.

Need for electrical safety

Whether small, medium or large, the requirements that are being placed on electrical installations with regard to reliability and operational safety are 1constantly increasing.The electrical safety of the personnel and machine must be guaranteed in all situations.The applications are getting more and more complex.Information and communication must be available round the clock.Operational interruptions can’t be afforded.

Protection of Personnel protection against Electric Shock e.g. IEC 60364-4-41 “Protection against electric shock”

Protection of Property:

Fire Protection – Protection against currents regarded as fire hazards/overheating e.g.DIN VDE 0100-482 “Protection against fire where particular risks or danger exist“

Electrical Safety – Coordination of short-circuit, overload and fire protection / EMC / lightning protection – e.g. IEC 60364-5-53 “Selection and erection of electrical equipment -isolation, switching and control”

Electrical Safety for Man and Machine is an indispensible requirement for every electrical installation. A high level of personnel, operational and system safety in electrical installations is the primary goal of all those who are responsible for electrical installations in industrial, residential and functional buildings.Electrical safety system(2)

Therefore, the safety concept of electrical installations must ensure the safety of persons and electrical installations improve the operational continuity and contribute to the performance of the electrical installation. Optimal selection of protective and monitoring equipment allow.
The protection of personnel and systems against the hazards of electrical energy.
Immediate report and fast reaction to critical operating and system states.
Reduction of maintenance and repair costs.
Operational interruptions to be minimized.
The management of system data in line with individual requirements.


Converter drives

AC/DC residual current monitoring
• Industrial plants
• Cranes
• Pumps
• and many other applications

Mining industry
• Insulation monitoring
• Monitoring of high resistance grounded systems
• On and Offline monitoring

Power Supply and distribution

• Insulation monitoring
• Insulation fault location
• Residual current monitoring

Railway, Ships, offshore platforms

• Insulation monitoring
• Insulation fault location systems

Movie industry – Lighting systems

• RCM TypE A and B

Photovoltaic systems
AC/DC Residual current monitoring

Welding systems

• Residual current monitoring
• Fault voltage monitoring

Computer centres, office and administrative buildings
Monitoring of

• Residual currents
• Stray currents
• Currents at the central earthing point

Oil, gas, chemical

• Insulation monitoring
• Insulation fault location