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In all types of electrical power networks, system perturbation occur when operating electrical loads. Baron’s harmonic filters help in improving power quality. We refer to network perturbation, when the original “clean” sinus shapes of the voltage or current changes. MULTIMATIC ACTIVE FILTER is a solid-state power converter that brings about the advantages of harmonic currents elimination, improving power quality. These active shunt systems Sense Load Current, Evaluate the high frequency

Investments in harmonic filters generally pay off within 6-24 months. This means that kWh losses are reduced, reactive power costs are decreased, the lifespan of electrical instruments is lengthened and production processes are stabilised.

Target problems:

  • Sporadic upsets and defects in electronic control systems and devices
  • Sporadic tripping of circuit breakers for no apparent reason
  • Cables – especially transformers and induction motors – get too hot
  • Motor power drops
  • Power factor correction systems are overloaded
  • Instruments suffer greatly reduced measurement accuracy or fail completely
  • Harmonic currents flowing into the medium voltage network exceed permissible
  • The neutral conductor is overloaded
  • Corrosion of piping and Earthing systems


  • UPS Systems acting with Generator Supply
  • Commercial Centres, Hospitals, Hotels utilizing Computer Systems / other Appliances
  • Battery Charging Units
  • Compensation of Printing Machines
  • Extruders in Plastic Industries
  • Punches in Pharmaceutical Industry


  • Significantly reduced Voltage Waveform Distortion
  • Reduced Voltage Drops on Transformers and Cables
  • Reduced Temperature rise on Transformers and Cables
  • No risk of harmonic Resonance / Improved Power Factor