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FRAKO Power Capacitors, one of the World’s best power capacitors manufactured by 80 Years old FRAKO, Germany, an ISO 9001 & 14001 company and leaders in most of the countries where its products are sold.


FRAKO, Power capacitors are employed for improving the power factor of the LV network. Generally, a few harmonic contents are always present in the network, as some non-linear loads constitute a Power System. Accordingly, for Networks with Low Harmonic Content Heavy Duty Capacitors are suitable and for Networks with high Harmonic Content, Super Heavy Duty Capacitors are suitable. The frequent switching of capacitors in automatic fashion also causes high inrush current burdens on the capacitors. These influence Power Quality Parameters such as Voltage Sags. Heavy Duty Capacitors are recommended for fixed capacitors, standard Automatic Power Factor Correction Systems.Super Heavy Duty Capacitors are recommended for fixed capacitors, standard Automatic Power Factor Correction Systems, Detuned Filters and Tuned Filters.

Unique Features of Frako Capacitors

  • Compact Cylindrical Construction power capactior
  • Dry Type
  • Highest life expectancy
  • Highest safety features
  • Highest temperature withstanding capacity
  • Highest Over Current Withstanding & Voltage Over Load Capacity.
  • Low Wattage Loss
  • Complies to VDE 0560 Part 41, EN6083-1 & IEC 831-1 & 2 Standards.


3 Phase Power Factor Correction Capacitors enclosed in Cylindrical Aluminum Case with integrated Discharge Resistors and connecting terminal in tension spring method against surcharge are available in 3 Versions: Basic, Standard and Premium.

Mechanical Construction

Self Healing Cylindrical Aluminum Case with Di-electric consisting of segmented Capacitor Film

Metallized Polypropylene Foil. The Di-electric is Self Healing, failing which the cover plate designed as an overload valve is raised enabling the capacitors to be disconnected from the mains during breakdowns.


Filled with Dry Flame Inhibiting, stabilized Mineral Filler.

Capacitance Tolerance

+ 5% of the rated value


Specialized Integrated Discharge Resistors, which guarantee a faster discharge to 50 V within one minute

Current Overload Withstanding Capacity

200 Times the rated current during short peak currents for Heavy Duty Capacitors and 250 Times the rated current during short peak currents for Super Heavy Duty Capacitors

Voltage Overload Capacity

1.3 times in accordance with VDE 0560, Part 41

Power Loss

Approximately 0.2 Watts/KVAR measured at Capacitor Coils and 0.5 watts /kVAR with discharge Resistors

Safety Features

Highest Safety Features with Overload Disconnector, which activates at internal over pressure and disconnects the capacitor from the Mains during breakdowns. FRAKO Capacitors are provided with connecting terminal in tension spring method for easy connection and to avoid exposure of live parts.

The above features added to the extreme purity of material used prevent deterioration of the loss factor, thereby increasing the di-electric strength & current overload capacity makes FRAKO Capacitors to comfortably withstand the vagrancies of the load & supply and serve you longer.