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Managing competition through cost saving and quality management of resources has caught the attention of many management gurus across various industries. One of the major qualifying criteria is to possess information on your fingertips.


Energy efficiency is one such resource, an incredible investment for a sound business vision. Needs can vary from energy inputs to consumption, uptime & downtime, machine utilization and manpower effectiveness. Energy management and proper utilization of power can convert into revenue on a long-term basis.


“CEMA” – Centralized Energy Monitoring and Accounting System an System that helps to Acquire, monitor and Account for energy needs and manage energy consumption, thereby giving you direct access to conserve energy and indirect benefits in terms of avoiding excess consumption, low productivity, excess operational loss, wear & tear, shutdowns & high energy cost.

CEMA comprises of high quality and feature oriented measuring devices connected to your computer or server through a specialized software, giving you instant data & reports on a hourly, daily, weekly, yearly or as and when the need arises. CEMA can track various parameters associated with power, water, steam, gas, air, fuel etc. CEMA tracks these parameters and the quality/flaws from all machines & nodes simultaneously. It provides data on consumption accurately to identify the wastage if any against Universal Standard /Industrial norms.